Stay Anonymous

Each time you send a message using Stealthy, your identity is securely hidden. No one will ever find out the real authors of the messages.



Simple as WhatsApp

The messenger works just like WhatsApp or Viber, but all your messages stay confidential and anonymous.


24/7 Support

We respond fast. Very fast!

When you register a personal contact with the Developer of the App is established, so you can ask for any functions you like and we will implement them fast!

"The owner of TV Rain was warned of inspection through stealthy messenger."

TV Rain

"The functions of messenger are close to WhatsApp and Telegram, but all the messages are sent anonymously."


"Authors of messages remain anonymous as their trace is lost after sending the messages."


Open the doors to honesty

Show what’s hidden deep inside.

While “Stealthy: Secret Messenger” is gaining popularity, we see how the world changes. People become more honest: they show their real feelings to each other and help their friends to see the real truth about what’s happening around. Your boss treats you badly? Your friend’s wife betrays her husband? Tell your friends the truth through Stealthy: it is absolutely secure and anonymous. Probably you will even save someone’s life.

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